Friday, April 11, 2014

Your older kid can come in handy

Dear Ann Abler,

My baby fell asleep in my lap, so I called my seven y.o. daughter over to bring me a beer. Should I have asked for a glass of red wine instead? I hear it has antioxidants or magic in it. But beer has hops and something...

- Nap Lap Night Cap

Dear Nap Lap,

You should have asked for two. She might have been out of ear-shot the next time you needed her. If you feel inspired to live your life by following the advice of old French advertisements, then here's one you might like:

Say two hail mommies and chug the beer when the seven year old says, "mommy." It's a modern mother's drinking game.


p.s. You can always read up on beer and breastfeeding at La Leche League, if you are into facts.

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