Monday, July 7, 2014

How to Make Breakfast: Put. An. Egg. On. It.

Coming to us from the Twitterverse:
Dear Ann Abler,
My #hubs just rejected my "egg on leftovers" idea for #breakfast. Why doesn't he recognize my #genius?
~ Sunnyside denied

Dear Sunnyside,

Anything + Egg = Breakfast.
Not everyone understands the mathematical equation of eggs + ANYthing = delicious breakfast. Egg on leftovers is a timeless treasure, whether the leftovers be pizza, casserole, fried rice or even chicken strips. While some may find it distasteful to serve chicken with its unfertilized offspring, I’m all for family reunification. So please feel free to tell him he is incorrect. And also, give him a break next time he serves up cereal for dinner.

In summary: put. an. egg. on. it. (Shout out to Portlandia!)

Now go re-read Green Eggs & Ham for some recipe ideas.


Your Ann Abler

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