Thursday, November 6, 2014

I Hope You Dirty Flashdance Dance

Dear Ann Abler,

Why does Facebook always suggest that I watch "I Hope You Dance" after I click your link? I mean, I know you totally hope your kids dance and all, but I'm confused as to what else your blog and an overly emotional song have in common.


Not as Sappy as Facebook Seems to Think I Am

Dear Sans Sap,

I’m guessing that "I Hope You Dance" speaks to some people in the same way that this video speaks to me:

I am a connoisseur of cheese in all its forms, whether it be gouda, havarti, or Richard Simmons. The pleasure that cheese brings is distinct from the satisfaction derived from sophisticated stuff like “the theater” and “speaking French.” Something truly cheesy elicits emotions in the area of the brain that stores memories of Air Supply songs and very special episodes of Growing Pains. When these cheese centers are triggered, a wave of nostalgia washes over us. Imagined memories of simpler times and sappy smiles make us feel downright swell.

The video above helps us look back on a time when happiness was achieved through high cut bikinis and bright white high tops all aerobicizing in unison. (Side note: if you actually watched the video, you may want to read this post on how to get rid of earworms). Isn’t it great to reflect on the 80s, when life was all Care Bears and Kids being adopted from Cabbage Patches? When Turbo, O-Zone, and Special K made sense as a dance team? When Aquanet and all things aerosol made us think of awesome bangs and not climate change? I could go on, but I’d rather finish up this post and dance. But before I do, let’s consider for a moment…

All the problems solved through dance in less than 2 hours:
·      Racism and interracial relations (Save the Last Dance, Breakin’)
·      Classism and homophobia (Billy Elliot)
·      Sexism (Flashdance)
·      Irrational anti-dance laws (Footloose)
·      Putting Baby in a corner (Dirty Dancing)

There is nothing quite like winning over a panel of snooty judges or seeing your foe super frustrated, all while solving a societal ill.

This takes us back to your question. In a world that can be so ridiculously depressing, maybe it’s ok to craft a new world in which there is a 50% chance that dancing is the right answer to any question. For any impasse or problem you encounter throughout your day, just ask yourself:

Sit it out or dance?
Do the dishes or dance?
Fight or dance fight?

So while “I Hope You Dance” may not be your jam or mine, let’s take her advice and dance, shall we? Now share this post with someone who needs a serving of cheese, and show me your best jazz hands.

There’s no stoppin’ us,

Your Ann Abler

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