Saturday, September 13, 2014

Ann Abler of the Week - #1

Each Saturday I will give an Ann Abler of the Week Award  to a person, tweet, or post that embodies the essence of your Dear Ann Abler's advice. In other words, anything that says:
  • You're doing it wrong, and that’s alright
  • Don’t judge lest ye be a parent too someday
  • I'm struggling with my life choices and need a hug/drink/smoke 
The first recipient of this prestigious award is Anna Marcelina of the Twitterverse, for her ingenuity and trailblazing in teether utilization.

Congratulations Anna! You are the first Ann (Anna) Abler of the Week. How appropriate.

If you would like to be considered or nominate someone for this (again, very prestigious) award, send me a message via this site, Facebook, or Twitter, and include #AnnAblerOfTheWeek.


Your Ann Abler

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