Monday, April 7, 2014

Lactation Nation

Dear Ann,
Everyone keeps asking me when I am going to ween my toddler from breastfeeding. I don’t think we’re ready yet but I am feeling pressure. It’s just so convenient!
How should I answer those who ask me when I’m going to stop?

-Lactation Lover

Dear Lactation Lover,

Tell those nosy folks you’ll probably stop by college, unless it’s in a fun city, then you’ll live in the dorms, and nurse during study breaks. Lactate away, Lactation Lover! It really isn’t going to go on forever, and it’s between you and the kiddo. Enjoy those few moments while your toddler is blissfully not moving and play candy crush on your phone. I recommended turning the screen brightness way down so as not to distract the child.   

Say three hail mommies and buy yourself an expensive smoothie and a brownie. You need the extra calories. Ciao.

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