Thursday, July 10, 2014

No Television For Toddlers?

Dear Ann, 

I think the American Academy of Pediatrics suggests that children under 2 have ZERO exposure to television, but I'm not sure because I stopped reading the article so my baby could get back to watching Peppa Pig. They were just kidding, right? 

~ Boob tubin'

Dear Boob,

I too wonder if they imparted that advice on April Fool's Day, or if none of those Pediatrics have children of their own. They probably also think Video killed the radio star, while I feel that Video did not receive a fair trial. I believe it pre-dated DNA testing, and I also just doubt Video is capable of murder.

Anyhoo, lucky for you, I have already published a thoroughly researched response to a similar question (and by research I mean Google, and by publish I mean I hit the orange "Publish" button here on Blogger). In case you didn't click that link, do it now. I don't like repeating myself. I don't like repeating myself. So if you'd like to continue letting your little one get his Yo Gabba Gabba on, then read I love my iChild, and feel instantly okay about your life decisions. 

However, if your child consistently does what Dora says to do while completely ignoring you, then come on, vamonos! Everybody let's go...outside, or at least away from the screen for a second.

Good luck with that,

Your Ann Abler

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