Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Too Sexy For This Shirt: What has Laundry done for you lately?

Dear Ann Abler,

I feel like I never have time for housework. After playing with the kids, making dinner, and trying to squeeze in time to practice my bongos, I'm completely spent.

My family's dirty laundry is a stack of judgement staring me straight in the eyes.

Dirty Laundry Secret

Dear Dirty Laundry Secret,

You're clearly too creative and beautiful for laundry. Leave it and take a nap. Here's what you can say to that judgmental stack of stains:

Fuck you, laundry.
I think you'll find the laundry will understand who da boss after that. 


This was the first blogpost from your Dear Ann Abler, and I'm reposting it. There's probably a hashtag that will make this re-posting seem more intentional and acceptable. I'm off to go find that hashtag. (#RepostingRocks?). To help generate more original content, you can ask a question here or tweet it to @DearAnnAbler. C'mon, this world needs more blogposts!

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